Norwegian Jazz Artists Who Made An Impact On Jazz

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Jazz came to Europe after World War I, and the term became synonymous with anything new and hip. In 1921, the first jazz orchestra came to Norway. By 1923, the saxophone emerged as an instrument in Norwegian jazz bands.

The economic troubles of the 1930s weakened the development of jazz bands, but after the 1940s, jazz picked up. In recent years, Norway’s influence on jazz increased. One of the pioneers of Norwegian jazz is Jan Garbarek.

Garbarek is a tenor and soprano saxophonist. His sound is demonstrative of the ECM Records label. He uses sharp tones, long sustained notes, and copious amounts of silence in his songs.Want more? Click here/tag He appeared on recordings by George Russell, an American composer in the beginning of his career.

After turning his back on avant-garde jazz, Garbarek became a pioneer of ambient jazz composition. Some of his more meandering recordings are considered New Age music, which is generally frowned upon by orthodox jazz aficionados. Even so, he remains open to experimentation and has composed music for the film “Kippur.” In 2005, he was nominated for a Grammy for his album “In Praise of Dreams.”

Because of his work in multiple subgenres of jazz, pioneering several of them, Jan Garbarek has made an impact on jazz.

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